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About Us Who we are.

Who We Are

We have aligned in our desire to make a difference for the good in the future of business, and from this point the Holding decided to work in the world in several areas and focus on projects of Renewable energy, Telecommunication, IT, Construction, Power electric, Real state, Industrial, Food production, Trading, Design, Medical, Water treatment, Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Refinery, Petrochemical, Cargo, Media, and Recycling.

What We Do

Few things are more certain in the world of communications and media than change. In this environment, it has been necessary for the Business Partners to transform, adapt and consistently reinvent itself over the last few years. We have worked to develop into a flexible learning organization that can sense change, and then act with flexibility and agility to meet the multiple challenges of the converged communications and media landscape.

This year has been no different. A lot happened in 2016–12, and it happened at a considerable pace. Our day job was no less demanding but we did spend time focusing on the longer term, taking time to identify themes and likely directions, particularly in the context of rapidly changing technology and services. We also tried to envisage the future and anticipate likely scenarios that will test our preparedness and resilience as a regulator.

Why Choose Us?


Our Mission is to serve as the preferred provider of superior, effective staffing solutions. Building on our culture of professionalism and ‘personal touch’, we are committed to creating an ideal match between the right business and the right candidate through responsible, timely and honest services”

Our vision

Our vision is to be a recognized leader in the domestic and international market,
renowned for operational excellence and world-class services. We aspire to be the most sought after, resourceful and reliable partner to our clients, most trusted business provider to our candidates and an empowering, enthusiastic and enriching workplace to our employees.”

Our Core Values

We will deliver what we promise, and be sincere and fair in business.
We will always uphold the highest respect and compassion for Business.
We will always maintain an open and straightforward attitude about our mode of functioning and relations with all stakeholders.
Our work will reflect the best practices in the business.
We will seek out ways to continuously improve every aspect of our functioning, and constantly raise the standards of our services.
We will always strive to enable all our stakeholders to achieve their best.